50 niche ideas for your next passive income site

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At this current time it is a great time to start a website, you can write about a topic and then monetize it using ads, affiliate products, info products, courses and many other revenue sources.
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There is also a lot of options in these monetization areas – there are many affiliate networks full of different programs, ad networks other than adsense and so on.
The niche you pick can impact the amount of opportunities
It is relatively low cost to start a website, we will look at that later but here are some ideas.
In this article we look at some interesting niches that you could create a niche site around.
I have avoided evergreen niches like recipes and fitness for example ,its not that there is no money to be made in these niches its just its a lot more difficult as they are ultra competitive.

Another factor is can you create a product like a Kindle ebook from your niche, you can maybe create a course on a site like udemy or can you create a free report to build a mailing list.

An information product can be a real money spinner, arguably earning way more than google adsense and anything that gets people to signup to your mailing list can also boost sales to a product

I have included some comments on some of the niches but doing niche research is easy and I will talk about that in another article

List of niches

3D printing – full of products and designs. You could also have tips and tricks.

App development – Very popular for the money making potential, you could split this into Android, iOs, Windows niches. Lots of products available, lots of article topics but its quite competitive. The product potential whether its an Ebook, course or an app template (codecanyon) are huge. I’d say selling your own product has far more money potential than ads or affilaite advertising

Archery – seems to be a lot of affiliate products in this niche, some good ideas for articles

Bass fishing – lots of products and popular in the US

Bird watching – lots of tips and there are a lot of niche ideas like products to review such as binoculars, spotting scopes, locations to visit, cameras to take good pictures, guides to bird species. Info product potential here.

Camping – A lot of camping products that can be promoted and questions being asked that can be answered in an article.

Caving – this was a suggestion as hadn’t personally heard about this but looks interesting

Chess – never got the hang of this but its a popular niche, not the most expensive products to promote but plenty of them.

Crocheting – another craft that can be use dto create good content if you know enough about it.

Crowd funding – Now very popular, many sites offer this service. So guidance for newcomers would be good.

DJ tips and equipment – can be expensive equipment in this niche

Dog training – again answering questions about training dogs

Dogs – actually this could be any type of dog rather than just a dog site drill down into breeds of dog. Examples would be Bulldogs, German Shepherds, Greyhounds etc

Drawing – Answering questions that are asked, tutorials and product reviews

Electric bicycles – Lots of products to promote and write articles about although the products have a limited lifespan so you would have to keep up dating a site like this with new content

Fishing – Very popular but competitive. Can be split into sub-niches, lots of products and questions to be answered. Can be seasonal depending on location.

Fishkeeping – incredible amount of money some people spend on tropical fish so information products and tips and advice

Flipping homes – another way of making money is buying a house cheap, might have to do some work then selling at a profit

Garage organization – this was based on looking at products on various sites

Graphic design – software tips, software reviews, advice for job hunters. Photoshop and similar software tutorials.

Hair loss – men and women worry about this

Home Security – think the devices that allow you to view who is at your door from your mobile. Lots of topics to cover and products to promote.

Home theater – ideas, products, systems and reviews

Horse Riding

Hunting – Don’t know much about this but seems popular in the US. Many people asking questions on this niche and an abundance of products to promote. Good product creation possibility. There are also sub-niche opportunities specializing in hunting certain animals like Ducks, Coyote, Elk, Deer

Lawn care – Another thing that people like to do is keep their gardens tidy. You can also add in tree care as well.

Living in a tiny house – a lot of people doing this, tips and advice. Some big Youtube channels exist and also popular on pinterest

Marketing Advice – I’m thinking about specific niches where a business would be looking to promote their brand, products or services. An example would be real estate, these companies are always looking at tips and advice on how to promote themselves.


Mountain climbing – advice, routes, product reviews etc

Mountain biking – Very popular topic, expensive products to promote and lots of potential for good articles

Painting – there are a few sub niches here such as oil painting, watercolor etc

Pest removal – termites, wasps, rats etc. A problem that people want answers for, tahts where you come in.

Play the guitar

Play the piano

Podcasting – lots of niches here. Podcasting Tips and tricks, podcasting equipment, making money from podcasting.

Pottery – tips and equipment

Quilting – traffic from Pinterest for this one, youtube channel, ebook product potential

retirement – I’m thinking about sub niches here like Saving for retirement and Investing for retirement.

Rock climbing – advice, routes, product reviews etc


Sewing – lots of topics to write about here, Pinterest promotion works well

Singing – singing tips and advice

Smart home – Very good niche but the content can become out of date quickly due to new technologies and products. Still money to be made but a site in this niche may need more work in the long term than some of the other niches

Solar power – not necessarily for your home but powering devices and other products

Songwriting – tips, advice, youtube channel

Vehicle restoration – some popular TV programmes on this but you’ll notice that quite often its about making money

Video editing– a lot of products to promote and advice to give out. Many would be Youtuber’s are interested in this so you would be looking at software recommendations, tips on using the software, PC specs for video editing.

Vlogging – youtube make people money, tell people how to do it, what equipment they need.

Walking – routes with photographs, products that you personally recommend, an info product opportunity

Wedding planning – people still get married so still a good niche. Pinterest again is a source of traffic

Wood carving – tutorials with photographs

Woodworking – tips, advice, projects and products. Huge niche – easy to promote.

Yoga – Quite competitive but its evergreen content, very popular and has lots of product creation and selling potential. I hurt my back a few years back and good yoga information was a godsend


Generic niches which can be split into sub niches

[name of city] travel advice – there are lots of big cities, create a niche site on one of these answering questions and putting out various tips such as places to go, places to eat, things to see.

If I’m visiting a city that I have never been to before advice like this is gold. This could also be integrated into a Kindle ebook giving you a product to sell.

Fishing Niches – I covered fishing and Bass fishing but there are many unique niches such as Deep sea fishing, Ocean fishing and fly fishing.

Sports – Some sports are ultra competitive niches but there are some which may be worth creating a niche site with a product, I’m thinking Baseball, Tennis, Basketball, Ice Hockey.

More the angle about training, tips for people who want to play these sports, equipment they need, the costs of starting rather than talking about a specific team, player or a season as this would not be evergreen content and it would require a lot of updating your site.

Photography – Ultra competitive especially as a broad niche but if you pick a sub-niche it may be more popular.

Topics like Night photography, real estate photography, nature photography, product photography, baby photography etc



OK, that’s a basic list that I came up with plenty of potential. There are course thousands of other niches.

What you should be thinking looking at these are

  • How many in depth articles can I write on the subject (greater than 1500 words)
  • Do I have a passion for the niche – you will find this a grind if you do not care about the subject.
  • What problems do users have, What questions are they asking that I can answer?
  • What products are available and what could I review?
  • Can I write an info product on this niche?
  • Can I create a course on this niche?
  • What about a Youtube channel which opens up more revenue opportunities?
Monetize your website traffic with yX Media


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