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In this article we give a few ideas for a Youtube channel that you can setup. If you have already looked at our Passive income series you will see we listed this as an opportunity

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In this article I have listed some popular topics and I also tried to supply ideas that are not deemed as controversial, you can do a political channel but that not work well at the moment and I would not recommend channels featuring kids or prank videos.

There are reasons for this such as Youtube’s political leaning and the promotion of news from ‘established mainstream sources’. That does mean you cannot find your niche in politics or news, it just means your channel may grow a little slower than you expect

So based on that you need to keep an eye on Youtube as the terms and conditions change on a ridiculously frequent basis.

Also you should realise that to qualify to put ads on your video you need at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time and then wait for approval

You can also promote products and get sponsors. So it is possible to make money even if you do not meet that criteria, in fact that’s where many Youtubers make the most money

Anyway on with the ideas

Gaming Videos

Although Twitch is probably the bigger platform there are thousands and thousands of people on Youtube making videos in the gaming niche and there’s a huge audience. I personally like watching Football Manager videos and their are many channels I subscribe to.

If you’re a good gamer and not afraid to share your gaming experience with others start a gaming YouTube channel. there are lots of games, pick a popular one and play it.

Coming up this year for example there is the new XBox and PS5 releases – so a rich vein of content there.

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Tech & Gadget Review videos

I enjoy watching people who review the latest technology to listen to their opinions on a product.

You need to explain features to an audience in a way they will understand but there will also be tech savvy people watching so your information has to be spot on. These channels can be huge and there tends to be many new developments

Think of AMD and Intels new Processors, Graphics cards, new mobile phones and that is just a couple of ideas

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Top Lists

In this example you simply rank a subject matter, it can be top 10, top 25 whatever. The great thing about this subject matter is there are thousands of topics that you can cover.

You could even try a niche and focus on a topic like electronics, a sport, a location, a movie – anything really.

You need to do research and you should try and get images, videos and then write a quick caption for the item and record a voice over.

Some of these channels are huge.

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Unboxing Videos

Yep, there are many youtube channels dedicated to unboxing products. There are thousands of channels doing this and some of them are huge

You don’t have to stick to gadgets and tech , toys, sports products – basically if its in a box you can make a video on it.

A slight caveat – until your channel grows you may not get ‘samples’ to unbox, you will have to buy these yourself.

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Health & Fitness

One of the best way to do workouts is by watching videos on youtube. You can also speak about health and fitness tips as well.

Workouts from the home in this environment (COVID-19) will grow enormously.

You can throw in specialty diets like Keto where you offer tips, advice and even recipes

Yoga is huge as well.

The key thing is that showing exercises needs clear explanations, good filming and of course whoever is demonstrating the exercises should have good technique

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Cooking Videos

Can you cook and film what you are cooking and explain it in detail.

Then this is an idea for you, you can also focus on a specific niche as well – Italian cooking, keto recipes and soups are just a couple of examples.

These channels can get millions of subscribers – although it can be a tough niche

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Sport Videos

If you are a sporty person with an interest in a sport, try create a YouTube channel on it.

You can give tips, share highlights, give your opinions and more. You can focus on a generic sport or even a particular team.

There are lots of huge channels by people like fans who give honest opinions on their team. I watch channels for teams I don’t even support because I enjoy the content that they produce.

How to Monetize: Ads, Sponsored Videos,

Craft and DIY Videos

Do you enjoy crafting or making things, if you can do this the pick up a camera and explain the processes step by step.

The people that follow this are passionate and if they want to build or copy a design or an idea they will likely follow any product links to get the materials and parts the need.

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Musical Instrument instruction videos

If you know how to play an instrument you can teach others the techniques on how to do this. Popular instruments would be the guitar, piano and drums.

I have no musical talent at all

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Drawing Videos

If you are good at drawing or sketching, why not teach others as well.

I am hopeless at drawing, a step-by-step video would help people learn the process of drawing.

You could focus on cartoons, kids projects, every day objects – anything you want

Famous celebrities , movie and comic book characters would be popular

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Makeup and Beauty Videos

If you know about health and beauty then how about starting a YouTube channel which talks about makeup tips, beauty product reviews, makeup hacks, hair styles, nail art etc.

There are many people looking for new techniques and of course you can cross promote on other social media

How to Monetize: Ads, Sponsored Videos, ebooks, courses

App review videos

Do you like to download and play apps, can you review the app and tell others about your experience.

You will have to record your device screen but this is possible, in fact you can install an emulator on your PC and record that as an option.

This is quite an easy channel to setup and there are a seemingly unlimited amount of apps and games available.

Some of the bigger games you can create a series for.

How to Monetize: Ads, Sponsored Videos

Digital Marketing videos

We all want to make money on the internet and lots of us are interested in passive income.

A channel where you can explain new opportunities to make money, test tools, review money making methods and step by step basic tutorials are all good ideas.

How about niche site setup, investing tips – there are lots of topics here but you have to know what you are talking about.

The hard sell that several channels employ can be off putting as well. One of the main sources of income for these folks is to push you towards a course

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Gardening Tips & Tricks videos

Gardening is another popular passion or hobbyist niche with thousands of people willing to pick up tips and tricks.

You could try various sub niches like container gardening, organic gardening and small gardens.


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So there you go some broad ideas for Youtube niches, there are of course many more.

In a later article we will look at some Youtube gotchas, things you should look out for.

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